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Our Story

This idea came about as I sat around with the girls sharing stories and wanted a refreshing wine that was just for us. Something that was a reminder of a strong sisterhood, a family not only by blood but by the unconditional love we give. Sister Wine was born and now it's that wine that we grab on the go, or always keep in the fridge ready to enjoy for our next girl chat. It became that wine that's great just to hang with. Not too big, not too bold, an easy and refreshing drink that goes with anything, like a long-lasting friendship, or a conversation that you really never want to end. 


This wine is a true Rosé, which means it comes from red grapes and has no skin contact...cause it's the grape skins that make red wine red. For 'Sister Wine', the skins are separated right at harvest and our wine goes straight into the tank. This Rosé has an amazing flavor and nose while retaining just a hint of sweetness. You'll taste some ripe strawberry, watermelon, and light raspberry. This wine is fresh and balanced perfectly between flavor and crisp acidity.


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